• Luoma, N. Tuveri (Tampere University)


    NSS and Firefox Transition to PQC

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    This blog post explores how we are transitioning Mozilla Firefox, particularly its Network Security Services (NSS) cryptography library, to support a quantum-secure internet.

  • Dmitry Belyavskiy (Red Hat)


    Fedora Linux Transition

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    Red Hat as a member of the QUBIP consortium has chosen Fedora Linux as the platform to provide initial support for Quantum Resistant cryptography.

  • Andrea Vesco (LINKS Foundation)


    SPQR Cluster

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    On April 2024, QUBIP and PQ-REACT Horizon EU projects joined forces establishing the SPQR (Secure Post-Quantum eRa) cluster.

  • A. Shaindlin, A. Mehmood, D. Luoma, N. Tuveri (Tampere University)


    Transition of OpenSSL for implementing PQ/T TLS

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    Cryptographic libraries serve as the bedrock of security for a wide array of modern applications, are deeply integrated into operating systems, and serve as the foundation for user-facing software, system tools, runtimes, and libraries.

  • Davide Bellizia (Telsy)


    Transition of MCU & MPU-based embedded devices to PQC

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    Internet-of-Things, embedded systems and dependable devices are pervasive in our daily life, as well as pillars of the modern concept of industry.

  • M. C. Molteni, L. Nava, A. Gringiani, G. Greco (Security Pattern)


    Integration of PQC in TLS Protocol for IoT Devices

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    With the advent of quantum computing, traditional cryptographic algorithms face an imminent threat of being compromised, necessitating the development and integration of post-quantum cryptographic solutions.