Security Pattern was founded in 2017 in Italy. Its core business is consultancy in the field of cybersecurity and development of innovative security solutions for embedded systems.

We support customers from the initial phase of the project with the threat modelling and the definition of security requirements, the selection of building blocks, the development of hardware and software components for ASIC, FPGA and microcontrollers.

In order to maintain the security posture of electronic devices throughout the lifecycle, Security Pattern delivers an innovative service called SUM for the creation of SBOM and HBOM, the management of vulnerabilities, software supply chain and the compliance with the increasing demands of standards and regulations.

Security Pattern provides development methodologies for customers who need to demonstrate a secure by design approach, such as in the cases of Common Criteria, ISA/IEC 62443 or ISO 27001.

Security Pattern is the first Italian cyber security company certified with IEC 62443-4-1:2018 standard.

As a completion of the value proposition, Security Pattern also offers security-related services, such as code review and security testing for embedded devices in support to different stages of the development, with advanced attack techniques such as side-channel attacks and fault injection attacks.